Clearwater Swim Club Do’s and Don’ts

  1. There is no running allowed on the pool deck. Running is fine on the grassy surfaces.
  2. Glass bottles and containers are prohibited on the pool deck, as well as the kiddie pool area, at all times. Please enjoy your glass bottled drink on a grassy surface.
  3. Eating on the deck is prohibited at all times. This includes Italian ice, popcorn and snacks, etc.  
  4. Please dispose of trash and recyclables in the appropriate receptacles.
  5. Only those children who are full potty trained may use the main pool. There are to be NO diapers, swimmies, swim diapers, plastic diaper covers, or any combination thereof in the main pool.
  6. Please change clothes and diapers of young children in the locker room only. It is unsanitary to change children anywhere in the open areas.
  7. Members must remain at the club at all times while their guests are present. If the member must leave the club, then the guest is required to leave too. This also applies to a babysitter signed in as a guest.
  8. Playing tag or catch in the kiddie pool is prohibited.
  9. Goggles are not to be used while using the water slide or diving board.
  10. While reserving a picnic table, the member reserving it must remain at the Club.  Please do not drop off your items on a table and leave to return later.
  11. Sports equipment and games must be returned to the front desk after use.
  12. Please clean any grilling tools used and never leave a hot grill unattended.

Please present your key tag upon entering the Club.  Any questions or concerns that may arise may be addressed to the manager on duty.  If we can follow these rules, Clearwater will be a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable place for all.

The Clearwater Board and Management Team