Parties at Clearwater

Parties are permitted at Clearwater for children of Members only, subject to availability and approval of management. Parties should be scheduled at least two-weeks in advance, so that management may staff the pool appropriately. There may be exceptions from time to time, as Clearwater likes to be accommodating, while maintaining a safe environment for all pool members and their guests.

Party Policy and Procedures:

  • The Member is responsible for ensuring appropriate behavior by all party guests.

  • Parties can be booked during pool operating hours by either stopping by the front desk or calling 908-464-2224.

  • All non-member children and children ages 10 and under are required to

    • undergo a swim evaluation by a pool staff member prior to entering the pool, and

    • listen to a review of Clearwater rules (which will be provided by a pool staff member at the beginning of each party).

  • Each party is allowed up to 2 hours for up to 20 non-member children.

  • All Parties must end 30 minutes prior to pool closing (6:30pm preseason and 8:30pm high season).  Please be courteous of the staff and end on time.  

    • All scheduled children's parties must conclude by 4:00pm on Fridays.

    • Parties are not permitted on holidays and Sundays.

  • Only one party may take place per two hour time period.

  • There is a fee of $125. The invoice will be emailed to the Host Member. All fees must be paid upon receipt of invoice.

    • Non-Member adult guests are subject to the 6-person maximum guest rule per Member. 

    • The Host Member will be billed separately for non-Member adult guests, per the established fee schedule.